Repair and overhaul
Deck cranes
Comprehensive deck crane services
Keep your crane in shape

Having a reliable and safe deck crane is essential. You don’t want any downtime and you certainly don’t want any accidents. By keeping your crane in shape, you minimize the risk of unexpected costs and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Service 24/7
Field and workshop

With both field and workshop services, we offer maintenance, repairs, and full overhauls on a wide range of deck cranes.

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Certification category A and B
Authorized personnel

We have competent persons available in both category A and B, meaning that we are authorized to carry out initial and periodical certification of cargo-handling appliances, as well as certification of existing appliances after minor repairs, to the satisfaction of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

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We deliver high quality cranes from

As a HS.Marine supplier, we offer the world's largest range of crane models of superior quality - ranging from 5 to 100 tm capacity.

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The ultimate crane specialist

A HS.Marine crane is specifically designed for the tough marine environment and all details are designed to ensure the easiest maintenance.

All crane models are specifically designed, masterly built and assembled to give our customers top quality. The crane executions and quality details will offer many years of safe and reliable operation at a low cost of maintenance.