Bespoke Engineering Solutions
About DIMO
We value our customers!

DIMO AS aim to serve offshore, maritime and other clients with expertise, design, equipment and service within hydraulic systems. In addition we do agency activities for a number of complementary products.

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Customers' requirements
Hydraulic systems

We specialize in developing custom-designed hydraulic systems for the maritime industry, serving a diverse array of markets such as fisheries, ferries, offshore and aquaculture.

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Complete systems
End-to-end solutions

After completing the design and engineering phases, we assemble our hydraulic equipment in our production facility. As a full-service provider, we offer end-to-end hydraulic system solutions.

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Located in the heart of the maritime cluster

DIMO is located with head office, production, storage and service center in Hareid center.

We are also established with a Parker Store and hose production facility in Breivika.

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New facilities 2023
Storage and service center

In October 2022, Dimo AS began the construction of a new facility to address our need for more space. Approximately one year from the first groundbreaking, our new hall especially dedicated to storage and service became operational.

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Service Center

Our service center is fully equipped to manage maintenance, repairs and overhauls of hydraulic equipment such as deck cranes, cylinders, accumulators, winches, pumps, and motors.

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Key features
Service Center - capacity
  • Area: 1600 m2
  • Crane Capacity: 2x20 tons, 2x10 tons, 2x1 ton
  • Power Supply for Testing: 1600 Amp
  • Specialized Test Unit for pumps and motors
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Complete solutions
Bespoke Engineering Solutions

In addition to being a complete supplier of hydraulic we also offer our customers an expanded range of components and equipment. Our products are key components for newbuildings as well as sailing ships.

Our strength lies in our ability to solve problems, the choice of systems and components and maintain a custom inventory to ensure prompt delivery.