Rental or tailor made
Hot oil flushing
Thorough cleaning
Hot oil flushing

By cleaning the hydraulic system with hot oil flushing, we will remove the contaminants present in the pipe and oil after installation of new or overhauled equipment.

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Remove contaminants
Avoid damage

The purpose of the hot oil flushing process is to avoid damage caused by contaminants/dirt’s to the end using equipment. The pipes are cleaned by creating a turbulent flow in the system and passing them through filters until the desired cleanliness value is obtained. The cleanliness in the pipe is measured in terms of NAS/ISO/SAE values.

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Rent or tailor made

DIMO offers hot oil flushers both for rental and/or as a tailor made unit for your needs. For more information on your options for hot oil flusher units, please don't hesitate to contact us.