Our History
1997 history
- 1997
Change of system solutions

The original Odim hydraulic technology was developed over several years in close relation with fishing vessel owners.

Odim's focus is shifting to provide system solutions for seismic and offshore subsea applications.

1997 2002 history
Back to the roots

Odim Hydraulic AS is developing to take care of the original market segments. The key resources at today's Odim are focused on further developing the original market segments and Odim's hydraulic technology.

2002 2008 history
High market demands

The name of Odim Hydraulic AS is changed to Dimo AS and a new, independent business is being developed based on Odim Hydraulic's business and technology. The market responds positively to the new company, which is currently experiencing growth and has already achieved MNOK 85 in revenue within just five years.

2008 2011 history
Back to ODIM

Dimo AS is being acquired to strengthen the after-sales service department of Odim. The key resources at Dimo are following the company back to Odim and are loyal to the new strategy.

2011 history
2011 -
In business for 12 years

Dimo AS is a new independent business, again based on the original Odim Hydraulic business and technology. The market is like before very positive to the new company.