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PTU2 27/27 Hydraulic
Off-line filtration system

PTU2 27/27 Hydraulic is an off-line oil filtration system, combining continuous water separation with oil filtration and is used for hydraulic oils, turbine lubrication oils and gear oils, removing water, particles, and oil degradation products (oxidation, resin/sludge, varnish).

The PTU2 27/27 is ideal for:
  • Hydraulic oils (e.g., power packs)
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Steam turbine lubrication oils
  • Gearboxes with potential water ingress (e.g., wet crushers or marine thrusters)
  • Lubrication oil for labelling machines
  • and similar industrial and marine application where water ingress is a recurrent problem.
Filter Unit PTU 27 27 randomratio
Mobile PTU2 27/27 PV-E2H1M
  • Filter insert: BLAT 27/27
  • Sealings: Nitrile
  • Pump: PV4-14-4
  • Oilflow: 90l/h at 50Hz or 110l/h at 60Hz
  • Motor: 3-phase
  • Electric control box
  • Preheater w. thermo switch: 1x1,65kW
  • Manual water discharge
  • Pressure gauge with scale for filterchange
  • Sampling point
  • Air vent screw