Control system
Control and monitor
Complex hydraulic systems

The DIMO Control system is specifically designed for complex hydraulic systems. It is made up of high-quality and well-known components that have been tried and tested to ensure reliability and efficiency.

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Increased safety
Customized design

The DIMO Control system provides custom designs that meet the specific safety requirements of each customer. This results in increased safety, enhanced functionality and a better fit for your operation.

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Prevent downtime

To prevent unplanned downtime, the DIMO Control system comes prepared with various sensors that continuously monitor the hydraulic system - For example moisture and particle counter in the hydraulic system. Additionally, the system uses software to monitor levels and temperatures, detecting potential leaks before they become major issues.

We provide a large stock of sensors, valves, and frequency drives! Contact us for more info

Electronic controls

IQAN is a controller family specially made for hydraulic and motion control. It has advanced built-in diagnostics that monitor whether all sensors and actuators are in operating condition. The design is rugged and made to be placed in the harshest environments.

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Take Control of Your Hydraulic System with IQAN
  • Large stock of controllers and sensors.
  • Custom software for most projects.
  • User-friendly yet still complex.
  • Integrated safety functions.
  • Password-protected user login.
  • Dimo has created a large library where IQAN is used to control components from other brands (ABB drives, Danfoss +1, Danfoss PVG, Seneca +++).
  • Remote assistance is available, with the possibility of remote software downloads and parameter changes.