Bespoke Engineering Solutions

DIMO is specializing in engineering, designing and manufacturing of hydraulic systems for marine and offshore applications.

What we offer
A trusted partner for your hydraulic needs

DIMO offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. We deliver high-performance solutions, products and service that meet the demanding requirements of various hydraulic applications.

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We engineer, assemble and deliver hydraulic solutions to both maritime and landbased markets. We also offer a range of complementary products.

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Service Center

Offering both field and workshop services, DIMO Service Center provide maintenance, service and repair on any hydraulic equipment.

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Our ParkerStore offer customers a wide range of hydraulic components, fittings, and hose assemblies, as well as other related products.

18. Sep 2023

As an electric frequency controlled unit, the EPC stands out as a high-pressure cleaner. With a sturdy stainless steel build, fewer wearing parts, and 6-user capacity, it suits a range of industrial needs.

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Save energy, reduce noise and cut costs
DIMO ECO Power Unit
Compared to a conventional HPU, the DIMO EPU delivers energy savings, lower noise emissions and lower total costs in all market segments. The unit can be installed in existing systems without major rebuilding.
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