18. Sep 2023
Efficiency and eco-friendly power combined
Introducing: The Electric Power Cleaner

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our line of high-pressure washer systems: the Electric Power Cleaner (EPC)! As an electric frequency-controlled unit, the EPC stands out as a high-pressure cleaner, employing intelligent technology to ensure a more energy efficient outcome.

EPC front blue BG clean 16 9
EPC back blue BG clean 16 9

The EPC Main Features

Electric frequency controlled
Frequency control allows for precise adjustment of the motor's speed and power consumption, matching the operational demands.
This means the device can use just the amount of energy required for the task at hand.

Durable stainless steel build

The design is more robust due to fewer wearing parts and a simpler structure compared to a standard electrical washer.

Consistent water flow and noise reduction

The washer includes a stainless water tank that consistently ensures optimal water flow to the pump, resulting in reduced wear and noise.

Teamwork made easy

The EPC can have up to 6 users simultaneously

EPC Electric Power Cleaner 13 9 kompr
Electric Power Cleaner
  • 1x water tank
  • 3x motors 11kW, 440V
  • 3x pumps 30lpm@200bar
  • 3x smart frequency converter with DIMO EHPW software
  • 1x level/temp control
  • 1x filter
  • 1x breaker cabinet
  • 1x plug and play power system