08. Jan 2024
Qualified and compliant
We are Magnet JQS registered

Being registered in Magnet JQS means that we are acknowledged as a compliant and qualified supplier in the energy sector.

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A database of qualification

Magnet JQS is a database designed for buyer organizations to efficiently search for, evaluate, and select qualified suppliers in the energy industry. It helps in ensuring that these suppliers meet specific operational, safety, and regulatory standards.

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Our registration with Magnet JQS reflects that Dimo have successfully met the portal’s criteria for supplier qualification.

This includes maintaining an effective operational management system, and providing comprehensive, precise information about our products and services.

Ensuring safe and efficient operations

Magnet JQS is operated by Offshore Qualific, a subsidiary of the industry association Offshore Norge, and plays a key role in ensuring safe and efficient operations in the offshore and energy industry, marking a significant step towards creating a competitive energy sector for future generations.

Companies registered in Magnet JQS can promote their products and services, with the system enabling efficient purchasing in line with EU regulations. It offers a standardized supplier information and data sharing platform across the industry, which helps in managing supplier information and mitigating risks in the supply chain.